Being strong, resilient and easy to use, poly tarp is the most commonly used tarp today. Resistant to tears and very flexible, these UV tarps are ideal for applications that involve a lot of UV light especially in outdoor events.  Make your outdoor activities more inviting and comfortable by providing shade. Use poly tarp to instantly make a cover up and protect your party from the elements.

Why Choose Poly Tarp?

  • Poly tarps allow custom design of size and shape of canopies for many applications.
  • Tarps are available in many different sizes, colors and material. Poly tarps are the most popular for residential frame canopies.
  • Can be used to make shelter such as dinning canopies for parties where most users will build a canopy to shade the area.
  • Can be used for carports and storage most users will design a canopy with the tarp overlapping two sides of the canopy.
3m x 5m $55
http://www.southerntarps.com.au/ 4m x 4m $59
7m x 7m $99
5.0m x 10.0m $195
http://www.tarpaulinsdirect.com.au/ 5.0m x 7.0m $135
6.0m x 10.0m $230
2.4m x 4m $48.90
http://www.discounttarpaulins.com.au/ 2.4m x 5m $60.90
2.4mx6m $72.90

*Prices are subject to change by supplier without prior notice.