Children’s Party Trends in 2019 Like to keep things up to date and trendy for your children's party? Here's what we're looking at this year!

Balloons galore will always be a must have in any party decoration and a kid’s party is no exception. Balloons are ideal in adding color to your celebration from cake toppers, arches, and centerpieces. Balloon arches along with the happy birthday decoration will perfectly color your kid’s party and create a memorable experience to the table treats.

Balloon garlands create a welcoming feeling to your guests and define a flawless Instagram spot. The latest trend is the balloon garlands blended with the other elements of design for a more themed and curated vibe. You should choose balloon garlands which overflow with the flowers or fringe. Artistic innovation and expression are important. Integrate palm leaves if you want a tropical party, flowers for a luncheon or animals to create a safari theme.

Kids in parties in most cases do not want the fun to stop even when eating, therefore use fun and colorful food. Preparing fun food will get all of it eaten, attract children and amplify the silliness. Pop-tarts on the stick? Definitely yes. Colorful fruits cut into various shapes on the skewer? Yes. Cake pops? Big Yes. Generally, just include stick and color and you have a fun food kids buffet.

Bright colors are still coherent with festive kid’s parties. Strong color pops attract children, but a whole palette of bright shades lightens the platform for a lively kid’s party. You could choose rainbow colors because they highly draw the interest of kids. Make sure you put them in the ROYGBIV order that is, red, orange, yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and violet.

A party tarp is another trend and is great if you are having an outdoor children’s party. Party tarps beside protecting the guests from the sun and rain will add a festive element and fun to your child’s party which assist in setting celebration tone right from the beginning.

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